Make your stories come alive

We work together with you combining innovative technology and gripping storytelling in shaping superb digital experiences for your visitors.

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Collaborating with leading cultural institutions has allowed us to create flexible and popular features that truly can change the experience of visiting a museum.

Our technology is revolutionary in the sense that your hands are free to accommodate your visitors and allow them to interpret and convey the art and culture of your place. Available as an app, complete platform or custom design guides.

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Developed with leading experts and thought leaders

VIZGU adapts constantly. Constantly new and exciting modules and features will be added as the app and technology are used.

Each feature on the platform is developed in collaboration with museums, curators and professionals who value the arts and cultural heritage. This ensures that our technology is constantly evolving and adjusting and always meets the best practices. We continuously create and improve by finding new insights and receiving feedback from those who use the technology every single day. In addition, we follow when needed to constantly improve ourselves.

Because co-creation is key

Co-CREATION is part of our DNA. This means you get technology that is thoroughly tested and user-adjusted with input from our experts, users and peers. The professionals we work with have checked and validated the entire buttons. We truly believe that by actively listening and working in an endless feedback loop we can create great durable features that appeal to the broad audience.

Vizgu adapts to both iOS and Android.

Features in Vizgu

How does it work?

Pick up your phone and point it towards the object of your interest. Listen to guides, watch a video, let our AI give you a guide based on your interest or read the on-screen text.

That is how intuitive the process will feel, but behind the seamless features is an intricate technology that continually learns and adapts to provide a unique user experience. Vizgu encourages learning, trying new things and enables the user to explore the world of arts & culture and share it while doing so.

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Vizgu’s object detection and recognition is an absolute state-of-the-art and can render any form, color and figure. Vizgu sees and translates the world around you.

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Expand your horizon and explore topics with the Vizgu app's stories and news feed.

Listen more

Design your own audio guides for every exhibition—or simply import text and let our advanced, intelligent system handle the rest.

Listen with others

Create the perfect shared museum experience. Groups can listen to the same guide, in perfect synchronization.

Experience more

Vizgu remembers visitors and can put together guides or offers based on past preferences - or suggest the next experience!

Buy tickets on-the-go

Open up ticket sales via the app, and say goodbye to long queues and impatient visitors.

Invent or Co-create

Are you missing a feature that you would like to see come to life? Share your ideas with us and let us Co-create the technology, which brings your ideas and visions to life!

Your museum,
your stories,
your freedom to choose

Every museum is a new experience. Therefore, a digital guide should be the same. We give you the tools to make your visions come alive. With Vizgu, you get creative and flexible technology that enables you to design the experience for your particular audience.

Artificial intelligence

Our system learns and adapts to the user, resulting in an unique and custom experience.

Professional guides

Making the most of a museum trip with captivating and informative storytelling. Our professional curators will help you with your descriptive text and research

GPS with Street View

Included so that your visitors can always find their way around the museum

Augmented/Virtual Reality

State-of-the-art technology brings the environment to life for your audience

Identifying your surroundings

Vizgu recognizes areas—ie. Artworks, sculptures buildings—and narrates the information to the visitor.

Locate via ID

The search function enables locating works or artists tagged with your codes.

Mix and match

If you’re missing particular features, you can combine and alter our technology to create new content tailored to your institution or project

We are with you all the way and guide you from idea to product.

No button is set at random. All features are tested, adjusted and easy to use. Ready to be configured with your unique content.

" Using Vizgu does not compromise any other type of art appreciation. No mounted screens, no (potentially) ugly codes or beacons — in short, nothing do detract from traditional ways of using the museum. Best of both worlds. "

- Jonas Heide Smith on Medium
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Become part of the community or assemble your own app

No institution is identical, but some have a lot in common. That is why VIZGU allows you to choose between joining our existing community app or you can apply to get your very own, branded VIZGU app.

The museum experience of tomorrow will be intuitive, unique and individually customized. With Vizgu, the future is now.

VIZGU community app

Become part of the community or create your own Vizgu branded app! Vizgu enables you to publish your exhibits for the world to see and invite them for a visit.

Your museum will be part of a worldwide online community, exposing your stories and collections to the world to see.

Museums and cultural heritage institutions — we hear you!

Is your institution of a certain size and limited to branded content according to your brand strategy, you can now apply for a branded Vizgu app.

We reserve the right to reject applications if certain criteria are not met.

Regardless of your choice – you will have the same technological freedom and experience!

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Keep your content in check, in real-time.

Your research, your insights and your data.

Unleash the captivating stories in the app and follow their effect on your audience. Develop your institution by following the traffic of your exhibitions and guests and thereby learn from the interactions through Vizgu.

With real-time data! With real-time data analytics! We collect everything for you in a clear and straightforward interface, enabling you to learn more about your institution and improve it according to its visitors’ preferences.

Advanced data analytics – follow your museum guests from start to finish and understand their patterns and tendencies.

·Tweak and adjust stories – and content on-demand

User control and adjustment – add new exhibitions and stories

100 % Data security and integrity

Automated text translation for the user

Exhibition control– Control your exhibitions trough Vizgu – monitor and asses their impact accordingly

Curation Service – let us create the stories for you- if you dont have time to create you own

Gamification – Together with you- we develop playful interactive experiences for your audience- young and old!

Membership controll – Connect Vizgu CMS to your membership database and send push messages, invites and other related information to your members via the Vizgu App!

Do you work with curation and storytelling?

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This is what the art and culture critics are saying about Vizgu

All the positive feedback we are getting makes us proud. Art critics have named Vizgu as the new curation platform for museums to improve upon their visitor’s experience.

This is what Vizgu users are saying about the app

Perfect museum guide, also works brilliant as an audio guide. 👍😁

- Jakob Bay Gydesen, Android

Who we are

The team behind Vizgu are people deeply passionate about technology, storytelling and digitalization of the world. We are a team of leading experts in artificial intelligence, design, app development, digital communication and experience design.

Our dream with Vizgu is to open up the world’s cultural scene and create a community around arts and culture. Human curiosity should never be limited, and we believe that information should be easily accessible in an extensive network that encourages further exploration.

With Vizgu we’ve created the tools to connect people and explore the world’s cultural treasures. No matter the project we work with, we treat it with the wish to revolutionize the experience of precisely that institution. We combine long-lasting technology with the user-tested design for an uncomplicated transition from analogue to digital — and an included wow-effect.

Founders and team:
Esmir Juhl Ibricic


Peter Madsen

Backend developer

Peter Krusager

Backend developer

Mensur Ibricic

Co-Creation & Strategy